March 17th, 2019: church (the intake)

Where do I even begin? I once was a monster but now I am found. Gone are the days of smoking menthols, eating Hot Pockets, and dating questionable human beings.

One day I woke up and realized that I did not have control over my life. I needed to make a change…

While walking down 14th street, I arrived at the intersection between 14th street NW and Florida Ave NW. On that corner, at the intersection, was the moment where everything in my life changed. FOREVER.

The CrossFit Praxis banner was waving in the wind. The block letters printed in red and black were coaxing me and convincing me. CrossFit? What was it exactly? All I knew is that I loved to work out and was highly competitive. With thoughts vacillating, I walked in to the office building that once housed CrossFit Praxis.

When I walked inside loud music was blaring. It was some sort of heavy metal. A thick stench of sweat and dirty gym socks wafted under my nostrils. I could see muscly men and women adorned with tattoos lifting heavy barbells and dropping them to the floor. The noises the barbells made as they fell to the floor made me jump with excitement. I felt extremely out of place and wanted to melt into the wall, despite my anxious nature, I poked my head into the tiny office that was attached to the left hand side of the building.

With a few flicks of a pen, I was signed up for my first Foundations class. “Ok, see you Monday. Make sure to bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing,” Coach Megan stated in a matter of fact tone while unintentionally flexing her muscles that I found extremely intimidating.

Stay tuned for the first class…


One thought on “March 17th, 2019: church (the intake)

  1. Your first paragraph is an absolute GEM of writing!
    The ‘church’ and ‘intake’ in your title get us started a little confused, and then we see where you are going. I’ll be reading the next installment!
    (PS- I also love ‘the noises the barbells made when they fell to the floor made me jump with excitement.’ )


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