March 27th, 2020: And I Call Him Psycho Face

Yesterday was a calm day. Psycho Face and I, aka Toro, went out to the back porch. The sun was hot on our skin despite the cool temperature shone on the thermometer pasted to the side of the house. I was a great day for grooming, I thought.

“Here buddy, sit down and let me brush you.”

Toro sat on the wooden planks with his black fur glistening underneath the sun’s golden rays. I began to move the brush through his coarse fur. The fur came out in large tufts. With each pass of the brush, I got more hair. Looking down at my hard work, I felt satisfied. Toro did too.

Toro’s black lips were slightly curled as he sat in the warmth. He was happy. He felt the bristles of the brush itch his skin and the hot sun warm his coat. This was Toro’s time.

It was so bizarre though. This moment between us was so calm but I knew the world around us was falling apart.

I guess I’ll take the victories when I get them. Yesterday was a great day with Psycho Face.

March 25th, 2020: Teaching from Home.

Today I recorded a lesson about engaging one’s audience. My class is embarking on an opinion letter writing unit. I taught them 4 ways to “hook” their audience. My examples and anchor chart can be found below.

Personal tie-in: I can remember the time my parents sat me down at the breakfast table and demanded I eat the grapefruit sitting in front of me. I tried one bite and it was awful! My lips puckered. Ugh it was so bitter! Then, I eyed some sugar sitting in a bowl. I sprinkled some sugar on top of that nasty fruit and voilà! My grapefruit was edible all  thanks to sugar.

Anchor Chart

Bang Word: ZIP! ZOOM! ZIP! Do you want to move fast like a fighter jet and have enough energy? Well, sugar is where it’s at.

Catchy Quote: “More people enjoy sugar each and every day.”

Eye Opening Fact: Did you know that sugar gets converted to glucose in our body? Without glucose, we wouldn’t have enough energy to go about our daily lives.

March 22nd, 2020: HATCH

HATCH is a squat program that you may purchase for 99 cents. With just the click of a button and the program is yours. And yes people, it’s that cheap. DING. DING. This ubiquitous squat program (in the CrossFit space) is 12 weeks long. The focus of HATCH is volume and weight.

First, you begin with back squats. For instance on a given day you may do 4 sets of 8 at a moderate weight or 4 sets of 4 at a heavier weight. Following, you ALWAYS end with front squats. The back squats are insanely heavy, so you’re always looking forward to the front squat. You think the back squats are making the front feel lighter. But guess what? NOTHING IS LIGHT!! This program is made to build your strength and confidence. Even 5 weeks in, I feel like I can lift up the world.

I squatted 200 lbs for 4 repetitions today. I would have never been able to do that previously. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the program. Only 6 weeks left to go. Hey! Maybe I am going to be stronger after this quarantine.

March 21st, 2020: You Should Already Know.

If I have to tell you, you already know.

If you think it’s wrong, you already know.

If you think it’s unfair, you already know.

If you think you need to over explain, you already know.

If you think you want to lie, you already know.

Guess what? Do you want to know what I know?

If you were a friend you would already know.

It isn’t my job to tell you.

You already know.

I will not bare the emotional burden.

You already know.

March 19th, 2020: Big-K Workouts from Home.

As a nutrition coach and sole proprietor of Big K Nutrition, I have begun programming bodyweight workouts for those homebound AKA all of us. Each workout is scalable and adaptable. You need ZERO equipment; you only need your bodyweight. If you choose to add weight you may do so. I have found using everyday objects around the home a great substitute for weights.

Below you will find some of the workouts I have programmed for the past few days. Feel free to share them with friends and try them out yourself.