March 16th, 2019: 4:15 PM

it’s on my drive home when i think of you

everyday for the past few weeks

for some reason the clock always strikes 4:15

my feeling know that this is the time i should be thinking of you

when my world blurs together and i am sifting through the memories of my day

a lump forms in my throat and my stomach falls to the floor of my car

i pretend it’s not there

i pretend it’s fine

i pretend everything is ok

the longer time passes

the harder it becomes

i don’t want to think of you

what you did was unforgivable

but it’s with those people whom you forgive the most

i wonder

i wonder if you are thinking of me too

do you feel anything

anything at all

then i come full circle and ask myself

what’s the point

it’s always at that time, 4:15 that you float into my memory

everything stands still

you’re the nexus

then as predicted, only to fade

i pull up to my home and my world commences


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