March 19th, 2019: A Colossal Idea

Ok, I know I have been writing a series about CrossFit as church and I am sure so many of you are dying to see what happens next, but sadly I MUST take a slight detour today. It is minor in nature and CrossFit related, so don’t you dare fret.

This is a timeline outlining my journey to dreaming BIG:

  1. Kate listens to podcasts
  2. Kate becomes inspired by one man’s journey
    1. This man overcame an eating disorder
    1. This man built his now six-figure business from the ground up with zero dollars in his checking account
    1. This man is humble, down to earth, and relatable
    1. This man is mentor to me (he doesn’t know it, but he is!)
  3. Kate begins working with her friend on her nutrition
  4. Kate signs up for The Nutrition Coaching Institute
  5. Kate attends the institute in April
  6. Kate begins her case studies
  7. Kate begins working with 2 clients
  8. Kate develops a logo and a brand
  9. Kate makes a social media account

10.Two clients turn into 10

11.10 clients turn into 20

12. Kate registers her business and makes it official: LLC

13. Kate hires legal

14. Kate hires 3 independent contractors

15. Kate creates merchandise

16. Kate creates a website

17. Kate now has a functioning business

The best part, I have taken my passion and put it to good use. I am creating impact in a world where there is so much hurt, violence, and sadness. If I can help one person feel good about themselves, I know I succeeded.

I am not longer Kate, I am Big K Nutrition.

March 18th, 2019: initial impression of church

If you know me, I am sure the first few words you would use to describe me are wallflower and demure. And if you know me, I am sure you’re rolling your eyes right now. I can feel the seismic wave of your eye roll sitting in my kitchen chair right now. However, the mentioned adjectives described my exact disposition for my first few classes at “Church” aka CrossFit Praxis, I was unlike myself. Aptly put, I was timid, shy, and had an overwhelming desire to become invisible at each class. I couldn’t have been more uncomfortable.

AMRAP, Metcom, Snatch, EMOM, Clean and Jerk…these words and bizarre acronyms were plastered everywhere. It was as if I were in a foreign country. Everyone spoke a different language. I was too nervous to speak up and remained quiet, while nodding my head as if I understood what was going on. I was in a constant state of Charlie Brown; the coach’s lips were moving but I couldn’t understand a single thing. All I heard was noise.

Then there was my corner. Oh god, I loved my corner. Each class I would sauntere to the left hand side of the room and cower. I did not want anyone to make eye contact or approach me. My brain was working so hard to make sense of every movement, and position that I had zero bandwidth left for social interaction. I couldn’t bare talking to anyone or letting them see me flail or even worse, fail. I just kept to myself, blocking out the world, insular. I did not feel like I was even part of the gym as I watched the regulars high-five one another and perform movements I couldn’t fathom. It was going to be a long road…why did I bother staying? Would I stay? What happens next?

March 17th, 2019: church (the intake)

Where do I even begin? I once was a monster but now I am found. Gone are the days of smoking menthols, eating Hot Pockets, and dating questionable human beings.

One day I woke up and realized that I did not have control over my life. I needed to make a change…

While walking down 14th street, I arrived at the intersection between 14th street NW and Florida Ave NW. On that corner, at the intersection, was the moment where everything in my life changed. FOREVER.

The CrossFit Praxis banner was waving in the wind. The block letters printed in red and black were coaxing me and convincing me. CrossFit? What was it exactly? All I knew is that I loved to work out and was highly competitive. With thoughts vacillating, I walked in to the office building that once housed CrossFit Praxis.

When I walked inside loud music was blaring. It was some sort of heavy metal. A thick stench of sweat and dirty gym socks wafted under my nostrils. I could see muscly men and women adorned with tattoos lifting heavy barbells and dropping them to the floor. The noises the barbells made as they fell to the floor made me jump with excitement. I felt extremely out of place and wanted to melt into the wall, despite my anxious nature, I poked my head into the tiny office that was attached to the left hand side of the building.

With a few flicks of a pen, I was signed up for my first Foundations class. “Ok, see you Monday. Make sure to bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing,” Coach Megan stated in a matter of fact tone while unintentionally flexing her muscles that I found extremely intimidating.

Stay tuned for the first class…

March 16th, 2019: 4:15 PM

it’s on my drive home when i think of you

everyday for the past few weeks

for some reason the clock always strikes 4:15

my feeling know that this is the time i should be thinking of you

when my world blurs together and i am sifting through the memories of my day

a lump forms in my throat and my stomach falls to the floor of my car

i pretend it’s not there

i pretend it’s fine

i pretend everything is ok

the longer time passes

the harder it becomes

i don’t want to think of you

what you did was unforgivable

but it’s with those people whom you forgive the most

i wonder

i wonder if you are thinking of me too

do you feel anything

anything at all

then i come full circle and ask myself

what’s the point

it’s always at that time, 4:15 that you float into my memory

everything stands still

you’re the nexus

then as predicted, only to fade

i pull up to my home and my world commences

March 15th, 2019: part 2

The Gemini. Oh boy. What a classic. The Gemini was a wooden roller coaster. Adorned with twinkle lights up the side and dueling trains that made for a more exciting ride. It wasn’t the biggest coaster in the park, but it was tall enough to licilit that elusive stomach drop. The Gemini was a special coaster, for it was one of the first coasters built, it was distinguished.

During the hot summer days the lines for this ride were always long, moving your feet slowly in the cue as if the bottoms of your sandals were glued to the ground. Fortunately, this wasn’t a hot summer day, it was a balmy summer evening and the park was virtually empty.

I shouted to my mom and told her to hurry up. There was no line! I couldn’t believe it. We meandered through the cement maze until we reached the very front. The red car pulled into the station and we hopped in the front car. The metal bar held me in, but left just enough space for me to float upwards when going down a big hill.

The creaky cars were clicking up the hill. I can see the entire park before my eyes. All of the rides were dripping in twinkle lights. Suddenly, the car jerked me back to reality and I took my first drop. The red cars and the blue cars were dueling to see who would arrive into the station first. I didn’t care at the time, I just loved being on that ride.

The ride was over. No wait. It wasn’t.

The most memorable part of that summer night was the fact that my mom and I rode The Gemini at least 10 more times. Hopping on and hopping off. We felt like kids on Christmas morning. There was no line.

Now the Gemini is gone. I can never ride that coaster again, but who can say that they rode The Gemini more than 10 times in a row?

March 14th, 2019: The Gemini Part 1

My family and I would pack up our car and drive down to Sandusky, Ohio every summer to my favorite amusement park, Cedar Point. I can remember countless summers where I would throw my hands in the air as my stomach dropped to the bottom of my sneakers, while smiling with a rim of custard surrounding my lips.

Twilight was the best time to be at the park. Most families who had driven in for the day were packing up their cars and heading back to their homes only to dream about more summers spent at this spectacular amusement park.

On this particular summer evening, where it was just warm enough to wear shorts, the golden sun was setting, spreading a brassy hue across the park cover the rides like a wool shawl. The roller coasters were standing tall and proud; they were intimidating but ready to be ridden.  I felt a sense of foreboding, but I kinda liked it…

March 13th, 2019: The Vitruvian Woman

The airport in Puerto Vallarta was a sight to see. Oh boy it was something. This place was full of confused, too tanned tourists donning their “Adios Beaches” trucker hats trying to find their way to the closest cheeseburger or gate to rest their heavy luggage. People were swarming like flies trying to find a place to take a load off and charge their iphone. One could assume all of these human beings had just spent a nice long week sipping one too many limey margaritas with salt rims to be bothered by this sheer disarray. I on the other hand, despite being fueled tequila, braving late nights out, and dealing with a scorching sunburn thought otherwise. What made matters way worse was that I looked like a snake that needed to molt desperately. Amidst the chaos and clatter, I thought to myself, I need a nap, this instance. I was up all night and now my body was paying for it. I was so tired I felt nauseous. Black circles outlined my eyes and I was shaky. Then I decided, right then and there, with my friends flanking the sides with their luggage that made an impenetrable wall, I laid down on the ground with my arms splayed out. I began to channel Da Vinci. With the entire world awake around me, I disappeared, deep into the ground and only to wake to board my flight back to reality.