March 27th, 2020: And I Call Him Psycho Face

Yesterday was a calm day. Psycho Face and I, aka Toro, went out to the back porch. The sun was hot on our skin despite the cool temperature shone on the thermometer pasted to the side of the house. I was a great day for grooming, I thought.

“Here buddy, sit down and let me brush you.”

Toro sat on the wooden planks with his black fur glistening underneath the sun’s golden rays. I began to move the brush through his coarse fur. The fur came out in large tufts. With each pass of the brush, I got more hair. Looking down at my hard work, I felt satisfied. Toro did too.

Toro’s black lips were slightly curled as he sat in the warmth. He was happy. He felt the bristles of the brush itch his skin and the hot sun warm his coat. This was Toro’s time.

It was so bizarre though. This moment between us was so calm but I knew the world around us was falling apart.

I guess I’ll take the victories when I get them. Yesterday was a great day with Psycho Face.


3 thoughts on “March 27th, 2020: And I Call Him Psycho Face

  1. Finding a warm sunny spot is one of my dog’s favorite things. Sometimes it happens on the sidewalk in front of our house. When it does, I sometimes just sit on the steps and soak up some sun alongside her. Isolation is bearable with a dog.

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  2. Yes, the fur – at this season it sheds like mad. You have the perfect spot to groom Toro.
    Spending time with our pets helps ground us, and lets our worries float away for the moment


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