March 2nd…too funny not to share (maybe I need to grow up a little)

Well, today did not go as planned. The idea I wanted to write about initially is on pause. Stay tuned…

I know many people participating in this challenge write about school and work life, but I typically prefer to write about life outside of school. However, today is an exception because what happened this morning was too funny not to share. I am going to keep this short and sweet.

I have a brand new SmartBoard in my classroom. It looks like a fancy television that you would see in a sports bar or nice hotel room. It consumes the wall of which it’s hung and it glows a brilliant white hue, tempting kids to write and touch. Apparently, whoever entered the school over the weekend felt the same desire to use this brilliant piece of technology.

I had written a graphic organizer for Friday’s reading lesson and left it up on the screen. The heading, written in fluorescent pink, was titled “Storm Surge.” Underneath, there was a bubble for the main topic, which was left blank, and underneath the main topic bubble were other bubbles labeled supporting details. I like to leave up what we have done previously as a way to connect the lessons. This is where things get interesting…

The SmartBoard is motion activated, so whoever entered my room over the weekend walked by the board and… AH HA! It turned on. This person saw my graphic organizer and decided to add his/her own information regarding storm surges.

As I was getting ready for the morning, I noticed something was written in the middle of the main topic bubble on my SmartBoard. I looked closely and saw the word… “DICK” plastered across the board. The playful word was written in black ink; the handwriting was terrible, so it definitely wasn’t a result of my handy work 😉

After I read and saw the word, I sighed, then laughed hysterically (the word kinda went along with the content of which I was teaching LOL), and then emailed our school business manager. An hour later two police officers came to my classroom. I showed them the picture. They quickly jotted something down on a notepad and walked out of my room abruptly.

I will update you all with any further developments.


2 thoughts on “March 2nd…too funny not to share (maybe I need to grow up a little)

  1. OK, I just want to know what you did before the class came in??? Or were you prepared to discuss It?!
    I really love the image of that uninvited weekend guest walking by the board and- it magically turns on! And so clean and tempting, they couldn’t resist! I get the feeling you have some sympathy for those scoundrels 🙂


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