The BEST Fish Taco: La Zebra (Tulum)

La Zebra Fish Taco

The BEST Fish Taco: La Zebra (Tulum)


La Zebra makes the most delectable fish taco on this planet. Anything I have ever dined on before pales in comparison. I never thought I could love a fish taco as much as I love the one from La Zebra.

You may be thinking, where the heck is this place? La Zebra is located right on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. Can you think of anything better than munching on a delicious taco, listening to the waves crash while the sun is warm and not too hot as it fades into the blue abyss?

Be prepared to be greeted by the most friendly and jolly waitstaff. You know they are super welcoming, for their eagerness to take your order and their lively mannerisms make you feel appreciated and warm.

Ok, Kate. Enough of the contrived intro, let’s hear about the TACOS!!!!

The only thing you need to order is the fish taco and by fish taco I mean, FISH TACOS. In an ordinary or typical restaurant one taco comes in an order, but at La Zebra you get THREE! Three tacos come in one order, so if you’re so inclined, I suggest putting in an order for 2 fish tacos. For all you mathematicians out there you get 6 tacos!

Ok, now back to the tacos.

fish taco:

  • comes in a blue corn tortilla
  • large piece of flaky whitefish (grilled and seasoned to perfection)
  • grilled pineapple
  • cilantro garnish
  • garlic aioli

I know this bullet point list doesn’t do this fish justice, so I have attached a picture such that you can envision the tastiness. Who knew so much flavor could be on one bite? When you eat this fish taco, make sure you get a little bit of everything. Think! Do I have a piece of the fish, the pineapple, the cilantro, and the garlic aioli?  


5 thoughts on “The BEST Fish Taco: La Zebra (Tulum)

  1. I love your casual food critic writing voice! Love the math, the humor. They really do sound fantastic.
    You might want to read my friend wordjourneysite’s piece today on hummus 🙂


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