March 3rd 2022: The Perks of Living in DC

My dog Toro has been nestled next to me for the last hour or so, which indicates the impending beep of my alarm. It is Thursday, March 3rd at 5:20 AM, the alarm goes off, and it is time to wake up. It is time to feed, walk, write, Podcast, feed, dress, leave. It is pitch black outside, not even the rats are awake. This morning I am unusually exhausted. It is probably due to that fact that I know for the next month I have zero teaching breaks, no chance to sleep in or even a moment to take a breath. On top of the long slog, I have looming conferences next Thursday.

I slowly roll over and stumble out of bed. I feel around for my slippers on the carpet and realize I had left them downstairs the night before, big mistake. I guess my little toes will freeze right off. I tiptoe down the hall with my bare feet stepping carefully on each wood plank only longing for my slippers even more, my eyes are sealed shut with goop and exhaustion. I can barely see as I head to the bathroom. Now, you know, I am a coffee kind of gal to get the day started, but today there was another plan in motion.

The flick of the light switch was like waving a flag to start a race. And here we gooooo! As soon as I turned on the light, light filled the room, and my eyes darted the visitor I found cruising at top speed on my floor. This cockroach was stocky and nimble, darting along the baseboard, clearly out in front of this race. I wonder where it was going, surely there was no food in there. Maybe it needed to freshen up, some hair gel or aftershave perhaps? Upon seeing the roach, I screamed, then stood there, waiting for my fiance to save the day. I was wide awake yet frozen, I was disturbed yet comatose. SO many emotions… I could not go on with my day until I knew our little friend was exterminated AKA flushed down the toilet.

Although I would prefer coffee to start the day, I guess a roach will do today. I am wide awake now, sitting here and writing to you. I guess we can thank our little friend for this small moment story. Thanks for the idea, buddy. Oh and thank you DC for being filled with rats, roaches, silverfish, and the like. It may be the nation’s capital and known for politics, but it should also be known for it’s critters.

CHEERS and have a cup of coffee in my honor this morning.


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