March 25th, 2020: Teaching from Home.

Today I recorded a lesson about engaging one’s audience. My class is embarking on an opinion letter writing unit. I taught them 4 ways to “hook” their audience. My examples and anchor chart can be found below.

Personal tie-in: I can remember the time my parents sat me down at the breakfast table and demanded I eat the grapefruit sitting in front of me. I tried one bite and it was awful! My lips puckered. Ugh it was so bitter! Then, I eyed some sugar sitting in a bowl. I sprinkled some sugar on top of that nasty fruit and voilà! My grapefruit was edible all  thanks to sugar.

Anchor Chart

Bang Word: ZIP! ZOOM! ZIP! Do you want to move fast like a fighter jet and have enough energy? Well, sugar is where it’s at.

Catchy Quote: “More people enjoy sugar each and every day.”

Eye Opening Fact: Did you know that sugar gets converted to glucose in our body? Without glucose, we wouldn’t have enough energy to go about our daily lives.


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