March 16th, 2020: An to Ode Myrts…

You were frail yet strong

You were tiny yet colossal

You were wiry yet soft

You were a sister

You were a lifeline

You were a comfort

You were spirited

You were light

You were deep

You were consistent

Oh Mrytle, you have left a pawprint on all of our hearts. I will never forget your warm eyes and your wet beard that covered your underbite after you lapped up all the water in the dish. I will miss your obnoxious bark, the way you tried to eat everything except your dog food, and the manner in which you would take your paw and scratch my face indicating that you needed more attention.

You appreciated every interaction and loved being around everyone.

Myrts, you were magical. I know you’re up above galavanting with your sister Winnie.

I know I will never say these words again, “Where are the girls?”

Miss you already.

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