March 15th, 2020: You Truly Can Die from a πŸ’” .

RIP Myrtle.

People have always said that you can die from a broken heart. I never knew the true gravity of that statement until I received a phone call early this morning.

I saw that my sister was calling. It was probably 8:00 AM. I ignored her call, for I was ignoring what news I knew I was going to receive. Instead of calling my sister, before I could do anything, my dad called. It sounded like the phone was shaking on the other end. My mother and father were in hysterics. “Myrtle is being put down this morning,” they sobbed into the phone.

It was exactly a week ago today that our beloved Winnie passed. It felt surreal, repetitive, like an old home movie on replay that freezes in the exact same spot. Myrtle and Winnie were sisters. Although they looked very different, they shared the same blood, and were born of the same mother.

Once Winnie passed, it was only a matter of time. In the short seven days since Winnie’s passing, Myrtle stopped eating and grew very ill very quickly. Myrtle would only look out the window, catatonic, just waiting for her companion to come home. Once there were two leashes hanging, then there was one, and now there is none.

Myrtle left this world today to join her sister Winnie. Myrtle was a delicate and amazing creature and loved by everyone who had the chance to meet her.

Tomorrow I will write a poem in Myrtle’s honor. For now, we grieve and we celebrate. What a life she lived…


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