March 14th 2020: before & after

I’d like to take time out of this craziness to share a new batch of floral arrangements of which I am extremely proud. Big K Floral for the win!

I went to 14th street floral located in NW, DC. Two men own the shoppe and are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. When I walked in I felt warm. I stepped into a world full of color and vibrant scents. The fresh flowers lined the walls, delicately placed in silver bins, while the roses chilled out in the fridge towards the back. I thoughtfully chose my color scheme. I wanted to go with a monochromatic theme. I also wanted to hit my arrangements with pop of color. I decided to choose green, for green reminds me of health, freshness, and rebirth. Below you will see my before and after pictures of my flowers.


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