March 6th: Kira the Queen.

Kira and Me

Oh my have we come so far…

It was but a short time ago that I would cower and shudder the moment I locked eyes with Kira (just so you know, it pains me to admit to any of this now). I felt contempt, disgust, and disdain. “Ugh. There’s dog hair everywhere. Why is there so much? This hair is so long. It’s stuck to my clothes! But wait! There’s more! So much MORE! I am allergic! I can’t breathe! I have asthma! I can’t!

How did it all change?

On one fateful morning in January, I woke up with aches and pains all over my body. I had aches and pains in places that I didn’t know could have aches and pains. My clothes were soaked with sweat, sticking to everything I came in contact. I was like a walking mousetrap. I felt like my head was being squished between two anvils. And Yes. You are absolutely correct. I had contracted the flu. I couldn’t do anything but sleep and feel sorry for myself. I kinda liked it though. Sometimes being sick has its benefits. I was shut out from the world, from phones, from humanity. Secretly, I was ok.

Kira on the other hand did not know I was okay. Like the loyal dog I KNOW she is now, Kira never left my side during my illness. I could feel her wet nose brush up against my arm, as I dozed in and out of reality. She would place her paw on my chest as a gentle reminder that I was not alone. When I would rise in bed, Kira would rise titling her head in question, pondering my next move. She was checking on me. Comforting me. When I finally mustered the strength to walk to the restroom, I could hear her toenails clicking on the wooden floors behind me. Kira. Was. Always. There.

Now, I get chastised for allowing this majestic and knowing creature jump into bed with me. We are inseparable. I love to feed her mini cucumbers and take joy in feeding her at night. Now, I am covered in dog hair and I love every second. Kira is truly the queen of all queens. Kira is my therapy. Kira is my friend.

I think the two of us will have an amazing future together…

One thought on “March 6th: Kira the Queen.

  1. First, the detail of feeding Queen Kira the huge and magnificent, baby cucumbers, totally won me over. You describe why we love them- they love us so well. Love conquers superficial concerns, like being covered in hair 🙂 I do think pets are sympathetic to our illnesses. This is your love letter- I wish you many years together.


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