March 31st, 2019: A Letter to Fran.

Dear Fran,

First and foremost, thank you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. To some it may have been insignificant, but to me it was the antithesis. The thought of writing everyday for a month seemed insurmountable. I knew it was going to be hard, but you pushed me in ways nobody else has.

Guess what, Fran? I have found my voice! Can you believe it? I was so worried and anxious to start this journey, but now I am motivated and inspired to do more. Without your thoughtful encouragement this would not have been realized.

I learned to let go. I learned that it’s okay if things don’t sound right or are grammatically correct. I learned that what matters is my truth. Once I was able to accept those things, the magic happened. Looking back to the times where I was trying to squeeze water out of turnips when coming up with a clever phrase or an idea, that’s when my writing was the most contrived, inauthentic.

Now, having gone through this experience, I have learned to be honest with myself. That is what matters most. Truth. My truth. If that translates into vulternbiluty, then so be it.

So on this day of March I would like to thank you Fran. Thank you for pushing me. Thank you for making me fall in love with writing even more. Again, just thank you.


Kate AKA Big K


One thought on “March 31st, 2019: A Letter to Fran.

  1. I am gobsmacked, Kate!!!
    YOU SHOULD be very happy with your challenge! Yes, I saw you finding your voice- your unique, passionate, direct, sometimes sarcastic, always honest voice. You found some fantastic metaphors along the way, too 🙂 I am thinking this has changed you, as you have allowed yourself to be changed in other ways in recent years. You are hungry for challenge, hungry for growth. Now writing is an important tool in your tool box. Keep going, I say!


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