March 30th, 2019: CrossFit as Church

The last time I wrote about CrossFit, I was regaling everyone about my first few weeks and initial impressions. Now as I sit in my kitchen on this Saturday morning, March 30th, 2019 tears are welling in my eyes. CrossFit elicits a reaction, spiritual reaction, a visceral reason. I cannot even begin to show you the innumerable ways CrossFit has changed my life. The only think I think of is creating my Top 3. 

  1. Fellowship. I didn’t know that I could love a stranger until I started CrossFit. I didn’t know that I could have so much in common with people who are unlike me. I didn’t know that the friendships I have forged will last a lifetime. I didn’t know that the love I feel for the people of whom I with daily would be the people I sacrifice, spend long nights, and share food and drink and celebrations. Everyone is like-minded. Everyone is open. Everyone is kind. Everyone is there to be a better version of themselves. When I am at CrossFit, I am at home.
  2. Grit. The true test in life is how you face adversity. CrossFit throws physical challenges at you in countless ways. Those challenges prepare you for the hardships in life outside of the four walls of the gym. I have developed a work ethic and resolve unlike no other. Nothing can phase me, nothing can take me down. I am stronger. You can see it reflected in my body. I stand a little taller. I speak a little louder. You can see it reflected in my disposition. You can see it everywhere. 
  3. FUN. Yes, it’s a simple three-letter word, but isn’t that the point of life? Having fun while we are inhabiting this planet is the only way to life. Yes, CrossFit is hard, but it’s the hard things in life that bring us the most joy and most value. If it were easy everyone would do it. I’d rather climb up the mountain than go around. It’s the hard work, the long hours, and the dedication that makes it all worth it. Without the F word, there wouldn’t be a reason to continue. 

I eat to do CrossFit. I work to do CrossFit. I sleep to do CrossFit. I LOVE to do CrossFit. 


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