March 28th, 2019: looking forward

These are my goals for the next 5 years:

  1. Develop my business ( 5 coaches-multiple figures-creating impact)
  2. Buy a home (outdoor space-2 bedroom-NW)
  3. Cultivate a healthy relationship (do I want kids? not sure.)
  4. Improve my physical fitness (performance and aesthetics)
  5. Travel (South America, Europe)
  6. Enroll in classes (creative writing, language)
  7. Adopt a pet (hypoallergenic please!)
  8. Hone teaching skills (PD’s, NYC, TCWRP)

This is a living and breathing document. More to come later!

One thought on “March 28th, 2019: looking forward

  1. You have to imagine it first… smart to do this! A list like this tells so much about a person. I am considering trying it out- I tend to avoid 5 year thinking. Why, I wonder? Might explore it through writing…


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