March 23rd, 2019: well…

Am I going to hell? Answer: Most likely.

The thing of it is though, I don’t believe in anything remotely close to places like the hideous raging inferno. I do believe in karmic hell though.

I may or may not have done something last night that does not reflect who I truly am. But wait. The part that scares me about this is as I am typing is that I know that I am lying. I am lying to myself. I am lying to you. I am this person. Who else would I be? I AM ME.

We all make choices. Decisions. Those choices and decisions impact others. I made a choice. It truly wasn’t my choice to make, but I did not stop it.

I could go many ways with this. But what appears to be the most glaring is that I have not yet found my way. Well…

It’s the not way that most people envision. It’s unconventional. It’s just me. I guess. There is more to come later. I am not sure how I want to proceed.


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