March 21st, 2019: one more to go…

Greetings Team Big K!

Congratulations to those athletes who have had the mental fortitude to attack the 2019 CrossFit Open. We have one more workout to go, and this is the time where you NEED to push. Forget about the past 4 workouts and keep your mind on the present. You have come so far and there’s no stopping now. I am elated to see what this last week will bring. I know that each member of Team Big K will experience great success.

I have noticed and had the pleasure of cheering, coaching, and supporting many of you. I was able to watch many of you achieve physical greatness by prevalent HSPU and bar muscle-up PR’s. Use this Open as a springboard for new goals. I know many of you have reached out previously, please continue to do so. We can work together to conquer any skills that have been plaguing you.

Didn’t do The Open? That’s cool too. Maybe that’s not aligned with your fitness journey. Maybe you’re injured, or maybe it just wasn’t the right time for you. In any event, Big K is here through and through.

Tonight is the night. One more announcement. Let’s get it team.

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