March 20th, 2019: phoning it in

and yes, I am phoning it in

Here is a list of the top ten things that make me happy:

  1. human connection (family, friends, lovers)
  2. fitness (sweating while pushing myself to the absolute limit)
  3. growth (physical capacity, mental capacity, emotional intelligence)
  4. sunshine ( tanning until my skin is golden brown and crisp like fried chicken skin)
  5. coffee (the sound of the coffee pot brewing is a familiar and expected sound like a mother singing her newborn baby to sleep)
  6. eating (utility, dining out in new restaurants with new flavor profiles, salty, fatty, delicious)
  7. reading a good book (getting lost, nothing else matters, page after page of adventure)
  8. alcohol (be merry, it always reminds me of a celebration)
  9. travel (white sand, blue water, bright sun, not a care in the world)
  10. altruism (service is the apex of life)

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