March 19th, 2019: A Colossal Idea

Ok, I know I have been writing a series about CrossFit as church and I am sure so many of you are dying to see what happens next, but sadly I MUST take a slight detour today. It is minor in nature and CrossFit related, so don’t you dare fret.

This is a timeline outlining my journey to dreaming BIG:

  1. Kate listens to podcasts
  2. Kate becomes inspired by one man’s journey
    1. This man overcame an eating disorder
    1. This man built his now six-figure business from the ground up with zero dollars in his checking account
    1. This man is humble, down to earth, and relatable
    1. This man is mentor to me (he doesn’t know it, but he is!)
  3. Kate begins working with her friend on her nutrition
  4. Kate signs up for The Nutrition Coaching Institute
  5. Kate attends the institute in April
  6. Kate begins her case studies
  7. Kate begins working with 2 clients
  8. Kate develops a logo and a brand
  9. Kate makes a social media account

10.Two clients turn into 10

11.10 clients turn into 20

12. Kate registers her business and makes it official: LLC

13. Kate hires legal

14. Kate hires 3 independent contractors

15. Kate creates merchandise

16. Kate creates a website

17. Kate now has a functioning business

The best part, I have taken my passion and put it to good use. I am creating impact in a world where there is so much hurt, violence, and sadness. If I can help one person feel good about themselves, I know I succeeded.

I am not longer Kate, I am Big K Nutrition.

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