March 15th, 2019: part 2

The Gemini. Oh boy. What a classic. The Gemini was a wooden roller coaster. Adorned with twinkle lights up the side and dueling trains that made for a more exciting ride. It wasn’t the biggest coaster in the park, but it was tall enough to licilit that elusive stomach drop. The Gemini was a special coaster, for it was one of the first coasters built, it was distinguished.

During the hot summer days the lines for this ride were always long, moving your feet slowly in the cue as if the bottoms of your sandals were glued to the ground. Fortunately, this wasn’t a hot summer day, it was a balmy summer evening and the park was virtually empty.

I shouted to my mom and told her to hurry up. There was no line! I couldn’t believe it. We meandered through the cement maze until we reached the very front. The red car pulled into the station and we hopped in the front car. The metal bar held me in, but left just enough space for me to float upwards when going down a big hill.

The creaky cars were clicking up the hill. I can see the entire park before my eyes. All of the rides were dripping in twinkle lights. Suddenly, the car jerked me back to reality and I took my first drop. The red cars and the blue cars were dueling to see who would arrive into the station first. I didn’t care at the time, I just loved being on that ride.

The ride was over. No wait. It wasn’t.

The most memorable part of that summer night was the fact that my mom and I rode The Gemini at least 10 more times. Hopping on and hopping off. We felt like kids on Christmas morning. There was no line.

Now the Gemini is gone. I can never ride that coaster again, but who can say that they rode The Gemini more than 10 times in a row?


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