March 14th, 2019: The Gemini Part 1

My family and I would pack up our car and drive down to Sandusky, Ohio every summer to my favorite amusement park, Cedar Point. I can remember countless summers where I would throw my hands in the air as my stomach dropped to the bottom of my sneakers, while smiling with a rim of custard surrounding my lips.

Twilight was the best time to be at the park. Most families who had driven in for the day were packing up their cars and heading back to their homes only to dream about more summers spent at this spectacular amusement park.

On this particular summer evening, where it was just warm enough to wear shorts, the golden sun was setting, spreading a brassy hue across the park cover the rides like a wool shawl. The roller coasters were standing tall and proud; they were intimidating but ready to be ridden.  I felt a sense of foreboding, but I kinda liked it…


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