March 13th, 2019: The Vitruvian Woman

The airport in Puerto Vallarta was a sight to see. Oh boy it was something. This place was full of confused, too tanned tourists donning their “Adios Beaches” trucker hats trying to find their way to the closest cheeseburger or gate to rest their heavy luggage. People were swarming like flies trying to find a place to take a load off and charge their iphone. One could assume all of these human beings had just spent a nice long week sipping one too many limey margaritas with salt rims to be bothered by this sheer disarray. I on the other hand, despite being fueled tequila, braving late nights out, and dealing with a scorching sunburn thought otherwise. What made matters way worse was that I looked like a snake that needed to molt desperately. Amidst the chaos and clatter, I thought to myself, I need a nap, this instance. I was up all night and now my body was paying for it. I was so tired I felt nauseous. Black circles outlined my eyes and I was shaky. Then I decided, right then and there, with my friends flanking the sides with their luggage that made an impenetrable wall, I laid down on the ground with my arms splayed out. I began to channel Da Vinci. With the entire world awake around me, I disappeared, deep into the ground and only to wake to board my flight back to reality.


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