March 7th, 2019: Not an idle Thursday…

Today may feel like a regular day. Today may feel like an ordinary day. However, today is anything but ordinary, today is a day filled with love, longing, and sadness. For some, it is a typical Thursday, but for my lifelong friend Erin, today is a day etched in her heart, memory, and soul. Today is a day that will never be normal. Today will never be unremarkable.

On this day, March 7th, 2019 marks the 5 year anniversary of Mark Kehoe’s passing. My friend that I have known since kindergarten, Erin, lost her father to one of the most insidious diseases, cancer. I write today to let everyone know that this day may seem like any other, but to some it is not. So just listen. Do the following…Stop. Breathe. Think. Think of someone else. Step outside of yourself. I write today to let my dear friend know that she is not alone today. In fact, she is never alone on any day.

I am sending you and your family all of my love. And I want you to know that today is not an ordinary day.

One thought on “March 7th, 2019: Not an idle Thursday…

  1. Oh, how lucky your friend Erin is to have someone like you pause to remind others of the somber, yet awesome, power of this day. The reminder to take in life and to stop, breathe, and think is enormous.


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